Serious love with passengers? Eh…

It is common to see while people look for related anecdotes to the ideas they want to articulate at different points of their life. Here I am triggering a related spiral, in order to underscore life in its social aspects; just as my knowledge has allowed me, as my experiences have thought me, jus in my current opinion, at this time &place settings — I am saying “LIFE IS A TAXI”. Here we go… 😀

Life is a taxi, we’re drivers of our own taxis; through modes of communications, adaptations, or other kinds of social affections. Depending on the social status of the drivers, &the qualities of the highways, the taxis size may vary and it may have more than a single doorman (co-driver, literally families and familial friends) throughout the voyage on the road of life;… whatsoever, life is a taxi.

When some doormen get off their duty for reasons, they may deteriorate the drivers’ attendance too…simply the drivers too may be off till they get back their colleagues, or acclimatize themselves with new doormen-incase of entire loss, and vice versa. But the taxi won’t stop before the driver!: it is a taxi after all, life has to be continued, and the taxi should support the owner’s daily subsistence 🙂

Taxis are here and there, passengers (literally friends) are so; both running for an equilibrium, and keeping the engine in motion throughout. Passengers could take the taxis at any time and place, and could leave them at any whereabouts; and in the later case, the taxis door should be open to let them go, though. In the interim of the voyages, it is common and possible that the drivers and doormen may have a real sweet time with their passengers…that sweetness may happen among the passengers too; and possibly everyone in the taxi might have enjoyed that test…but they’ve to go, if they have decided already.

All passengers could not stay in the taxi throughout, and doormen and drivers could say ‘please, don’t go’ for no avail…if they say let’s go, they’ve to go…it is a taxi after all; they may need to go to other activities, or change another taxi. As well, there are also annoying passengers, drivers, and doormen; and they may get kicked even before they reach to their destinations…whatsoever, both parties are on their ever lesson taking activities. Moreover, taxis could face techincal or mechanical problems in the middle of the roads; and passengers may cooperate with the drivers and doormen to repaire, or leave them with the defects.

To this end…. I wonder, how many doormen I have, where my late passengers are now, to what destination I will drive with my current passengers, which taxis I am a door man in, which taxis I am a passenger in, which taxis I served either as a passenger or a doorman…I just wonder:) All in all, ‘never fall in real love with passengers, unless you are sure you can keep them as your doormen!’….is my opinion 😉

Let’s check our seat belts, and let’s go…!! Life is a taxi after all!!! 😉

P.S. This was originally posted on FB, on February 17, 2011

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