Meskel’s Bird & Adey Flower…

Guess what a foreigner friend says, when I tell her New Picture2about Adey Abeba (አደይ አበባ) and YeMeskel Wof (የመስቀል ወፍ)…
She said, “Really?, luck you! It is not only Ethiopian; it is the nature also, celebrating your new year. Congratulations!” .
Here I’ve translated what I’ve found on Wikipedia:
“Meskel’s Bird” is a whole name that is used to call different bird species. These birds are endemic to Ethiopia, and do not migrate from one place to another as other birds do. As September, Ethiopia’s first month, is their reproduction season, the colors of their feathers gets changed that they attract the opposite sexes.
And due to this change, it looks as if they are new birds to the place. Generally, the word ‘Meskel’s Bird’ is used to call the 4 birth species, namely bishops, indigo-birds, whydah and widowbirds, and yet it has more than 10 species under it.
Ethiopia: 13 Months of Sunshine ❤
Happy New Year!
Happy 2006 Ethiopian Calendar!

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