Bittersweet, Freudian Slip – (court/concert)

Today, I have met a very good friend of mine, and I forgot to take her a book that I promised to give. I noticed it, the moment I arrived there; and feeling pity about my forgetfulness, I was wishing that she will not ask me in vain, she said,
“Poor!, you forget to bring me the book. Right? [አንተ የማትረባ! መፅሐፉን ረሳኸው አይደል?]”
With a smiling face out of a shame, I responded “Oh no, I am sorry…. I’ll bring you on the concert day, if I will not go for the trip. [ወይኔ፥ ይቅር በይኝ…. በቃ ጉዞውን የማልሄድ ከሆነ የኮንሰርቱ ቀን አመጣልሻለሁ!] ”
(I’ve some trip plan)
Furrowing her brow in wonder, she asked, “What concert are you talking about Jo? [የምን ኮንሰርት ነው የምትለው ጆ?]”
“Aha! Of course, Sunday’s concert [እንዴ… የእሁዱን ኮንሰርት ነዋ!]”
She laughed out loud, and said “You mean, a court? [ኮርት ማለትህ ነው?]”
“Oops, yeah! [ውይ፥… አዎ]” and I’ve joined in the laugh. [ወደው አይስቁ!]
😀 😀
It is bittersweet ‘slip of tongue’ that wasn’t intentioned to amuse at all. It seems funny — at a glance, but it is painful — at a gaze!
It reveals that in my subconscious mind, it is in a concert (or some special event like that) that I wish to hangout with friends, and I yearn to see friends at. Never in a court!
I am not convinced that we deserve to make court visits, and friends deserve to be kept in prison…. while nothing is special. It is not fair to get together with beautiful souls in a court, while the souls are innocent.
And yet, till the time comes for us to cherish in a concert or in some kind of joy company, we will keep on going to the court and show our love and fraternity for friends.
Note: (for those of you, who are not familiar with the term)
Freudian slip, Slip of the tongue, or parapraxis is defined as
1. something you say by mistake but which is believed to show your true thoughts (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)
2. an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings. (Google)
3. an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of an unconscious (“dynamically repressed”) subdued wish, conflict, or train of thought guided by the ego and the rules of correct behavior. (Wikipedia)
And if you’re interested to read further on the topic, it is interesting and you may find lots of stories, anecdotes, and articles, if you google.
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