On Mother’s day: some feelings’re left unexpressed, some words’re left unsaid…

Mom, you’ve supplicated us to succeed, motivated  us to 945316_372446722876367_1575289408_nachieve betterment in everything, showed us the real faith of God under the shelter of Orthodoxy, &instructed us the value of any mortal &the parity of different souls. You’ve strengthened us, pretending strength &calling God at hard times, &injected us endurance, mending our broken smiles by your heartfelt cares &sympathetic eyes accompanied by soothing &to the point words.

You’ve taught us what genuine honesty &generosity are; you’ve worked out the concepts of altruism &philanthropies in your life, sharing even out of your penury &sacrificing your basic needs for others’ luxuries; and you let us experience the pride of making up relationships &forgiving truly. You’veinstructed us to be maverick in our thoughts in line with giving attention to others &respecting d/t minds. You’ve been encouraging us to say only what we mean &promise only what we are sure of keeping,…whatsoever. You’ve trained us to give our backs for backbites, to do not talk at others’ back either, &to settle any injustice with peace only; &you’ve been offering us limitless care &support throughout.

For you, we are always the primary: even the meals you prepare exclude yourself &we often see (-1) plates, &you often are served upon surplus.You’re the reason of our existence, ourselves, our choices &contacts; &the only one who is sure of us, &the only one who is encouraging us regardless of times &places. Whenever we feel despaired of life, you’re our big reason to love living anyhow. We’ve seen &stayed agape, seeing that our professions are yours too, &you care for our careers more than we’re expected to &way far than it requires.

Moreover, you’re our intimate friend that we tell the days’ ups &downs &share our plans  with, &that we make you part of our decisions. Even when we’re off your eyes, you’re an imaginary line in our minds that we respect to be ourselves, to stay on track, to check we’re doing morally valued things, &to be the same as we could be before your eyes. We don’t have to explain for you to understand us, you always do &accept us no matter what. We don’t have to apply for an apology for you to forgive us, you always do &accept us with all our faults. While the crowd is blaming us &feel pity for themistakes we’ve done, you’re very busy in prayers &looking for the required solutions.

As kids, we’ve seen while you go the garbage to get toys &playing tools for us; as adults, we’v seen while you go there to look for the things we complained – are lost; &up on minor injuries, we’ve seen while you clean our bloods with bare hands. As kids, we’ve seen while you bring us your coffee-snacks from the neighbors coffee ceremonies, even if they could mean your proper meals; as youths, we’ve seen while you go on foot giving us your transport allowances; &as adults, we’ve seen while you spend the money we give you for your own daily subsistence to purchase new things for our eyes, &to decor our meals….but our hearts often cry at our places, flashing our eyes at your mesmeric deeds just to see you happy, for you always tell us that your happiness resides in us.

Giving us your ears, you thought us being expressive; &articulating stories for us, you tried to makesus good  listeners too. You motivated us through your artistic characters, &we owe the power of feeling good even at troubles, &know the real taste of art. As adolescents, when you’ve seen (or heard) we hit a friend, you’d hit us back; &even when you’v seen we’re beaten, you’d hit us again &made us regret for we’ve involved in a fight at all, edifying us love our friends the way we do ourselves.

Your smiles were on your face, even when it’s apparent that we disappoint you, even when you’re troubled; &your love &care on your eyes, even when we tell u that we need no help, even when we tell you that we’re old enough to take care of ourselves. You couldn’t stop assisting us, even when we tellyou out loud that u’r making us mad; &you couldn’t go bed, before you hear our voices.

And you’re so democrat that you appreciate &respect our proposals &choices, educate us say whatever we think fair, &encourage us go all the possible laps to show the truth in our heart &all our powers when necessary…&to ignore our angers to make the environment calm. You’re peaceful &loving mother &dear friend too for our sister-in-laws, brother-in-laws, &our friends. You’re  genuine supervisor too that you always want us obey His orders &respect His words, …try to impose your fears when you see (or dream) that we are walking in a peculiar track, &check that we are your children for real.

It is obvious that you’ve influenced our characters; you’re an executive of the home, &the only one accompanying &supporting us while we were walking in the middle of no where(s), &you’re the magnificent making of us. With God’s will, our existence has become true through your endurance in your arranged marriage with dad, &your success of making love out of it. Indeed, we the breeds are perfect, &keep you in marriage for more than 50 years.

Viva, mom!! Lots of love!!

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