On teachers’ day…

59_n“Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies” is 2015’s World Teachers’ Day slogan

It is not the whereabouts that you passed (or are passing) through that makes you a good student; it is rather your keenness to imbibe an existing knowledge, and your ability to pay attention to z lessons that are offered (or being offered) by your professors.

Learning something out of a penury and hardships is a whole time achievement that only very few brave (lucky too) students can!…and sharing knowledge out of a scarcity and even through inconvenient medias is a life time wisdom and generosity that only few patriots (lucky too) can do. 

Most importantly, in teaching, it is not any kind of good/material; it is rather a human mind that teachers try to shape and re-shape. And upon successful accomplishment of offering their lessons, they will cherish it all, having beautifully shaped mind as an end product. 

And in learning, it is not to any good that students’re being shaped/made, nor to any kind of good/material; it is rather to a better mind that they’re being shaped and re-shaped!! And upon successful accomplishment of taking their lessons, they definitely will cherish your achievements (with all the limitations) – being a different, self standing mind!

Whatsoever, I’m grateful for the hard times that I’ve been a student, and the wonderful times that I’ve been teaching out of my penury 😉

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Mean the slogan!, empower teachers right!, and let them build sustainable societies!

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