It depends on what we want!

2395b9cae8195e6a0eb0849351ee0ada‘Being a drop’ is the righteous track, while the vision is ‘being a river’. Hence, the drop has to go aggrouped with other drops, so as to grow into a brook. As well, the brooks should find a way to flow together to make a stream. This way, the river will be inevitable.  Of course, it is not any complicated.
I came up with this thought during a meeting with friends that we have been talking ‘gender’ and the status quo, solely as a human right issue and it’s impacts on life in general. It is ever nauseating that human beings and their rights are split up into two (men’s and women’s) just in a domestic level, way before it is promoted to any larger group.
Logically, for in stance speaking of racism, having the aggravating factors in mind, it can make sense for a stigma to materialize against another’s race, because it is common that a group of some specific race resides in a specific place. And people’s common inclination to aspire for safety through grouping altogether can make them enemies each one another.
Hence, we all believe, racism has to be prevented and cured that no one deserves to live in hatred; and it shouldn’t infect generations. As well, sexism and gender issues have to be prevented and cured that human beings don’t deserve to live ‘incomplete’; and the coming generation will be at safe.
We may be drops initially. But we’ve the potential of being a river; and then sea… as the famous Ethiopian proverbs go ‘የውኀ ጠብታ ቀስበቀስ ድንጋይ ይቦረቡራል።’ or ‘የውኀ ጠብታ ቀስበቀስ ጋን ይሞላል።’ – it depends on what we want; and it can be asserted to any of our activities.

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