ፈይሳን አትንኩት!

14067671_1461358120547331_7833434000898986507_nI can’t keep the brave #FeyisaLelisa out of my mind, I can’t keep him out of my soul. It needs an altruist soul to forgo comfort zone to help the helpless, and to be voice to the voiceless majority. He could have lived in a selective ignorance, and act as if ‘nothing is wrong in the country’ as many have chosen.
In fact, he knew that it may cost him career, friends, families, and even breath; as even simple trial of exercising freedom of speech may cost career, freedom of movement, close friends (that play ‘I hate politics’ and/or ‘I am neutral’), neighbors, and life. But he has loved the people, and choose to submit for his own conscience.
It is just one of the simplified and contemporary forms of Walk of Jesus. His courageous selfless act is an ever inspirational deed to a generation in general. This is what ‘living well’ means!, what ‘living to the fullest’ means. ‘Thank You’ is an understatement. May his kinds of souls multiply in all sectors. May God be with him and his loved ones throughout.
ሚዛን ነው – ለክብር
መስፈሪያ – ለፍቅር፣
ፈዋሽ – ከበሽታ፥
አበባ – ለደስታ፤
ምውት – ለእምነቱ፣
ታዛዥ – ለስሜቱ፤
ይልቅ ተንጋግታችሁ፥
ቅሰሙ፣ ተማሩ፣
በእጁ ይዳብሳችሁ፣
ተሰለፉ ከእግሩ፤
በየቦታው ይኑር፥
ሁሉም በየግብሩ፣
የተከሉት ይመር፣
ይታከም አገሩ፤
ስለሕዝብ ማቃሰት፣
ዓለም ደስታን ትቶ፥
ስለአገር መዋተት፣
ቤት ንብረት ረስቶ፥
ማሰማት እሮሮ
ባልጠነከረ ልብ
ባልሰላ አእምሮ፥
አይገኝም ከቶ!
ደርሶ ካላሳየን፥
ድንገት ሰው ተነስቶ!
“ሃምሳ ሰው ቢወለድ
ሃምሳ ጉድ ይመጣል”
ሃምሳ ጀግና ቢወድቅ
ሃምሳ ሺህ ይነሳል፤
ሃምሳ ዘር ቢበተን
ማሳ ሰብሎ ያምራል፤
ይኸው በዚህ ጊዜም
በአንዱ ሰው ፈይሳ
ሺ ልሳን ተነሳ፣
በደልን ምለሳ፣
ግድያን ወቀሳ፣
አፈናን ፍወሳ፣
ጭቆናን ምየሳ።
/ዮሐንስ ሞላ/

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