HMD (n.)
1. an obsequious or overly deferential person; a toady.
2. unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense; gibberish.
3. foolish or vacuous; puppet.
a) “HMDs are telling the oppressed majority of Ethiopia is at the good hands of the government that is known for its bloodiness”
b) “He was HMD enough to be a yes man whatsoever”.
c) “You are HMD to make any sense even to your girl friend.”
HMD (v.)
1. to serve somebody in a servile, degraded way; to act in a disgraceful toady way.
2. to speak unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock.
3. to held meeting at which people attempt to make contact with the dead.
a) “The prime minister HMDed to homicide innocents protesting against the barbaric government.”
b) The officers have been HMDing with the ghost of the late prime minister so as to continue his legacy of consistent and shameless tyranny.
HMD (adj.) 1. producing no result; useless.
2. ridiculously impractical or ill-advised.
3. not existing, or not actually present.
a) “An HMD attempt to calm down the protests with bullet.”
b) “He pretended to give an HMD solution.”

Governance and bullying steps – the Ethiopian (TPLF/EPRDF) way!

(Comment on Alula Solomon’s post)
1. Sing ‘developmental democracy’, and dance ‘federalism’ to cover the fascist and the racist in it.
2. Censor private medias, and force them to close if they won’t be submissive to the government. Persecution and imprisonment follow.
3. Spread consistently fabricated lies and propaganda, labeling every good initiative ‘terrorist and anti-development’ if it is not harmonious with the government’s mischievous and corrupt plans and deeds, terrify the people as if it is an angel and devil will takeover when it fall, using the state owned TV and Radios. Doing every possible thing, whatever it may cost: from the tax payer’s money to the lives of journalists, bloggers, activists and opposition party members, to close and/or slander other information doors.
4. Organize immoral thugs in the name of ministers, advisers, officers, and cadres; and gangs in the name of federal police.
5. Work evilly to brainwash education, culture, pride, and every good thing the people has accumulated out of penury; and scorn the oppressed majority.
6. Corrupt systems and resources, terrify steadily, call up the hard times they had as rebel group against the Derg regime, to implicitly induce that they deserve to oppress the people (bragging like the country is their colony), benefit selectively based on ethnic and political opinion in almost every other spot, and creating disparity between different nations of the country.
7. Gather, as their cadres, many optionless bootlickers that strive to support their daily subsistence with the money they get as an allowance for attendance of Kebele meetings. And use them for any public demonstrations called by the government, such as the late PM’s mass mourning ceremony.
8. Create feelings of second citizens and strangers in the people through their ruthless practice of nepotism, and merciless actions against the concerned citizens.
9. Violate the constitution. Ban peaceful demonstrations, and assemblies. Imprison and persecute concerned citizens. Murder the people for their peaceful protests.
10. Vandalize and destroy the people itself, not limited to it’s properties.
11. Spread hatred among the people that itself has worked hard to segregate in the name of federalism, to let them fight each one another to seek more ages of tyranny.
12. Disseminate fabricated stories about the protests, hijack the realities of the causalities in order to confuse as if there is attack against an ethnic group. Fabricate lies about damaged properties of one, while there are mass killings of the other by it’s own police officers.
13. Making low quality documentaries; while the people keep on suffering, and try to sign petitions in vain to international community, US government, EU, etc.
14. So much more.
#Ethiopia #StopKillingCivilians #OromoProtests #AmharaProtests