They have killed many, they have knocked on many houses. They have tried to close many doors and mouths, they have helped for many more to be opened. They distracted many alert and concerned citizens, they have alarmed on many dormant, ignorant, and natural ones. They have hammered many heads, they have awaken many neurones. They have given the earth a blood bath, they have called many to give blood for the nation to get a bath towards purity.
They raped a nation brutally, they have impregnated it breaking strong eggs with their inhuman sperms. They have killed, they have given birth to many. They didn’t know that throwing a seed means promising for it get rooted deep, and many of its kinds to come in fresh forms; as well, cutting the trunk is giving new branches a time of vegetating to trunks.
Through the blurs of our tears, we see many are joining in protesting the brutality, speaking up for those who can’t, and standing in solidarity with the victims. Now, concern will not be confused with politics, nor political awareness and activism will not be taken as a very wrong of the doers. Though a different kind of pain is inflicted in our hearts, eventually, knowing we all are mortals, we all know that it is a blessing in disguise.
They never loved us. They never loved to see us walking peacefully, to see us smiling, loving each one another, or having any undistracted day. Our peace is their mourn. Our holidays have been their peak times of terrifying us; our concerns and assemblies, their most terror. They were hate itself while we were celebrating Epiphany, Eid, Irreecha…even on the very secular great Ethiopian runs, they have been pains.
Demonstrations against violence of Saudi Arabia and Isis were among their public moments to show their sheer hatred for us. They have been distracting us with their guns, shackles, year gases, and physical and emotional tortures. Whether they saw us taking initiative to better community service plans, or they see us partake voluntarily, they never failed to see us with scorn. They never failed to prove us right that they have been consistent killers.
What has happened today is beyond our capacity to hold the pain, beyond what one can imagine, something that leaves one in shock even to properly cry about. I’m just acting weird; I can’t sit, nor I can stand properly…I can’t walk, nor loiter firm. I imagine how all you are feeling; it can’t be different, as our sufferings have been the same. They can’t hide it that it is a smart phone era that thousands have reported it with evidence. They couldn’t think, as we all have records in our minds. It is not about politics, but about humanity. It is not protesting, but speaking up against the devil itself.
But how many days shall we wait for?, how many nights to see us not being tortured to death? Is it the plan God? The beginning or the end? Revel, please. Egzio!
My heartfelt condolences to the innocent victims.
Death to bloody killers!

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