It will not be far…

The internet blackout and blockage of social networks in #Ethiopia is a blessing in disguise; and another big strategic mistake of the brutal government. It is a significant add-on to the mass protests, and tells the World once more again about the kind of government we have. As well, it has a good effect of letting the people focus on the effective and less costly interventions.
Our cyber activities were, somehow, keeping us aback from proper understanding of the extent that our freedom of speech is banned, and our potentials to get rid of it. Innermost, ‘being an active user of the internet’ might have created a humdrum feeling, and vapid feelings of ‘freedom fighter’ with every status update made and with every conversation held, while it hasn’t even kept us an inch closer to what is required and to our capacity.
If people are forced to logout facebook and other social networks, what the hell the tyrants are expecting them to do? They will login to the real world, and get organised in their communities to the fullest, so as to let brutality logout of the land for once and for all. The brutal regime is working hard to let that materialize, and organizing the people for a good cause of getting freedom.
Change is inevitable!, as “change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” (Barack Obama) …and here we’re awake!, and we’ll stay united!
We have also learned that violence is a magic that multiplies defiant souls. When problems become devastating, solutions are promising. Now, the country has concerned and determined citizens more than ever. And speaking up for those who can’t is being a passion and it is being less confused with hard politics, and soon freedom will be a fashion for us to cherish and for our children to live in.
I am too positive that fighting for human rights and standing up with morale, in all fields, will be ordinary, not a bravery act for few to practice it and many to get astonished about.
It will not be far that they will pay the price; and amid, we will thank them for they are being on the power side of the powerless.

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