16999253_1552253318125754_8345020155766985375_nAdwa was not a war. It was an all-time phenomenal battle, where Ethiopians stood up for their dignity and curbed the colony of Italy. It was a victory of mankind in general, Africans in particular, and Ethiopians in very particular. Menelik II was the heroic leader that mobilized the resources, and made the victory true.
Adwa was a moment of truth that we have the power if we have the will… and hate has no place if people are united against invasion, of any form and level; and cruelty.
Ethiopia thought the world, in action 121 years ago that ‘no mountain is too high for people to climb, and no river is too deep to swim’. It showed once and for all that ‘the sky is the limit’ whatsoever; stated a bold, seemingly ‘most unlikely’ fact: if one is determined, all ceilings are glass.
It is akin to David and Goliath. In their battlefield near the valley of Elah, the game changer has been David’s faith in God and confidence, and its impact on his perspective towards the giant Goliath. He slung a stone at the giant Goliath’s head.
Likewise, the patriots of Adwa looked into the battle from mankind point of view, dignity point of view, love point of view, freedom point of view… and they chose to befriend with mankind than live in sycophancy in their own land.
They didn’t cross borders to fight, they counter-attacked the troop that traveled miles to them. They didn’t submissively bow for the flashy life, but they stood firm to defend humanity – in truth and in action. It was brave that they used shields to protect rifles, and spears to fight back.
They loved us to death by their integrity. They fought effectively for our dignity… and the answer has been Victory!

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