The face of the government.

korah1They weren’t numbed, they have had lives that they were grateful for; they have loved ones, sense of self and importance, though. They only have lived near/in a waste dumpster; not that they chose it, but the brutal and shameful government has been so greedy to decide on their fate of living there, while the officers are building luxury houses and business buildings out of the taxes they collect from poor, on the lands of the poor… and out of the benevolences they receive in the name of the poor, by the labors of the poor.
Yes, seemingly ‘not’, but true that the helpless victims have paid the government taxes (yeah, income taxes and all others including VAT; as well, other contributions, such as for the dam on the blue Nile). These helpless victims have been responsible citizens that have been so keen to partake in the construction of the country and the wellbeing of the people.
They were so poor, but they never lost their senses for any unfair act. They were soldiers of life, and messengers of God who were left unnoticed. But their momentum has been a balance to all of us though it has been taken for granted. I know, this seems a fairytale, but it is true! It is only that they have had nowhere to go, no other life to live, and no other lives to look after.
Exodus? It even needs an investment; otherwise, they won’t think about it twice. Why would they? Who would? They died while they were trying to live. They were on the dump (and/or near the dump) because they have had nowhere to go. They were very morally responsible that they didn’t look for what wasn’t theirs. Which rich would exist in the city? They rather struggled to make a living out of the dump… had any of us noticed, being lifetimes lessons of walking His walk for theirs and other lives around them.
What happened at #Koshe is one of the disaster-ests accidents human beings can ever go through! People even couldn’t survive going through their lives, let alone through their incidences. It is not easy to wake up to see everything is buried under the dump that they were making a life out of and letting it breathe.
They are champions of life tho! They lived over and near a place that we won’t dare to make a fine walk through. They are the faces of the brutality of the government, and the selfishness of us.
May their souls rest in an eternal peace, and God comfort the grieving souls.

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