The fusion of Paul Simon’s ‘Under African Sky’ with ትግርኛ (Tigirigna) beat, in a lyrical theme of recounting mothers in mother land (Ethiopia) and the other way round, is priceless. I am listening it on repeat. Plus, as tomorrow is #mothersday, herewith, I would like to invite you join in my cd-concert 🙂
Our mothers are kingdoms of our joys, queens of our lives, and crowns of our lifetime triumphs. As Marcus Garvey express mothers on his poem ‘The Black Women’ (he either, recounting them with in mother continent (Africa), they are our “black queen of beauty; goddess of Africa, nature’s purest emblem”. It is long rooted that we relate our mothers with our mother land.
So, when we say ‘happy mother’s day’, we also mean ‘happy mother land’ that we all deserve to see a place where people of the world can live happy, as everything has been safe in our mothers’ embrace. We all should defend humanity! We all should say ‘NO’ to inhumanity!
“ከአፍሪካ ሰማይ ስር
እናቴ ስትወልጅኝ ገና
ዓይንሽን ሳይ
በማይለካ ፍቅር ወደሽኝ
ራስሽን ሰጠሽኝ፣ ጡትሽን
በችግር ተነክረሽ
በድህነት ጸሐይ ጠቁረሽ
ሰው አደረግሽኝ
እናቴ እናቴ
እናቴ… እልሻለሁ
የፍቅር አገር፣ ቤቴ፤”
Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! Happy Sunday!
#Ethiopia #mamaEthiopia #mamaAfrica #mamaWorld #TeddyAfro #PaulSimone #MarcusGarvey #TheBlackWoman #UnderAfricanSky

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