Celebrate wo/men…

womens-day-2110796_960_720It is becoming customary that tragic stories of violence against women are blending our daily news and reports. The increased prevalence rate is somehow positive that it tells about the improved trend of reportings; hence, the incidence is increasingly alarming while it has to decrease with time and access to information.
Imagine the ‘unreported’ stories that happen regularly, and are settled by the intervention of go-betweens; think of women that are threatened by their loved ones, and ill-treated by a species of their kind; think of the society that points its fingers on ‘the victim’ than the ‘violent’; think of a girl’s voice that bounced back from the gates of our ears; recall the sympathies and society level embarrassing excuses for a violent: like ‘she shouldn’t wear a miniskirt’, ‘ምንም ሳታደርገውማ አይሆንም’.
The battle towards women’s rights is every human’s that we all should defend the human race, and speak up for the voiceless majority. Defending women is defending our own beings, houses, and communities. It is a risk that may jeopardize every household, the roots and branches of every family tree, and thus the minds of all.
How dare a bad father can talk about a bad leader? How dare a bad teacher can discipline his/her students? How dare a ‘corrupt’ husband/fiance to his love, can criticize a corrupt boss/authority? How dare a violent man can complain about other violence?
We all should empower women that it means empowering ourselves; it is empowering the society; it utilizing all our resources and excelling life; it is living life to the fullest; it is rationality; it is humanity; it is how it should gonna be. Life is unthinkable without wo/men!  
Taking the lion share, no wonder, women should uplift themselves; they should uplift men; they should uplift the society; they should cooperate in the process of generation replacement, and nurture uplifted children as an already determined fate, with the God’s will; that they should say “NO” for any oppression by their most intimate men, by people that they plan and commit their life with; …nor they should oppress anyone, and be civilly and intellectually arrogant.
They shouldn’t expect a miracle to come to their ways to triumph over life, nor wait for someone else to work for them; no one should expect of course! …we all should struggle rather; we all should get together, make comfortable ways and go through altogether. Then, the legacy for children will be a decent place, where life will be cherished, and death will be celebrated.
Wake up brother! “brother Jacob 😉 “, and uplift your home!, empower the executive of your home; never undermine her power, nor take her for granted; respect yourself and never objectify your woman, as saying ‘I love you’ for someone that yourself has dared to objectify is foolishness at its worst level. Never do that my man; never ever, even, when you think, on her foolishness.
Wake up sister! “sister 😉 “, and uplift your home and the lives inside it!, fortify your abilities, unleash the potentials in you, utilize resources, dig for opportunities to come to your ways, be respectful, be responsible and trusted, …and meet your soul truly! …that you will give birth for &rear an uplifted, other things being equal!
To respect each one another, and to contribute for the co
Let’s get changed to change.
Let’s get together, impact the society, and live together.
Let peace be upon our homes.
Let’s promise to ourselves to live in a peaceful state of minds.
We all deserve to live in a violent-free world; we can’t control what is in the world, but our homes/circles are our worlds.
Happy Women’s Day!
Happy Today! Happy Everyday!
ሴትን አንኳስሶ የሚናገር ከራሱ ነው ክህደት የሚፈፅመው። ያ ባይሆን ደግሞ፥ አለማወቁን ነው የሚገልጠው። ይገልጠው አለማወቅ ባይኖረው፥ አውቆ ቸል ማለቱን ያሳያል። ወይም፥ ከእውቀቶቹ ሁሉ “ሴት”ን በአግባቡ ማወቅ ጎድሎት ሳይሆን አይቀርም። ወይ ደግሞ፥ ያልተጣራ የውስጥ ችግር ይኖራል። – እንጂማ፥ “ካላበደ በቀር ዱባ ቅል አይጥልም” እንዲሉ፥ ማንም ስለፆታው ያደረገው አስተዋፅኦ በሌለበት ሁኔታ፥ ፆታው ከርሱ የተለየውን ዝም ብሎ አይፈርጅም።
ሴት የሚለው ቃል እንደ ቅፅል፥ ፆተኝነትን አቀንቃኝ ያልተገባ ልማዳዊ አጠቃቀም እንዳለው ቢታወቅም፥ እንደ ስም፥ የወል መጠሪያ ነው። …እንደ ወል ስም፥ ሴት: ከሊቅ እስከ ደቂቅ፣ ከመሀይም እስከ ምዑር፣ ከቤት እመቤት እስከ ድርጅት እመቤት፣ ከምንዝር እስከ አለቃ፣ ከወላድ እስከ መሀን፣ ከወታደር እስከ ጦር መሪ፣ ከአገልጋይ እስከ እመ ምኔት፣ ከፀሐፊ እስከ አንባቢ… ሌላም ከ—እስከ ተብሎ ተዘርዝሮ የማያልቅ የተለያዩ የኑሮ እርከኖች ላይ የሚገኙ፣ በተፈጥሮአዊ ባህርያቸው እንስት የሆኑ ሰዎች ተለይተው ይታወቁበታል።
“ሴት” ብሎ በጅምላ የሚዘልፍ፣ የሚሰድብና ደምሳሳ ድምዳሜ (hasty generalization) የሚያደርግ ፆተኛ፥ የስኬት መሰረት የሆኑ የታፈሩና የተከበሩ ሴቶችን ታሪክ አያውቅም። ወይም እያወቀ እንዳላወቀ ሆኗል። …እያወቁ እንዳላወቁ መሆን ደግሞ ካለማወቆች ሁሉ የከፋና በራስ ጥመት የሚመጣ በመሆኑ፥ ይበልጥ የማህበረሰብ እና የጋራ ግንዛቤዎች ጠንቅ ይመስለኛል።