In the name of Adwa

ShuSh! You may boast harking back to any kind of history… but certainly, I’ll beat you calling ‘ADWA’, the ever amazing triumph of Ethiopia in particular, and Africa in general. It is a gift of life we’re given, the return was life; and we’re forever indebted that I can win any kind of your ‘battle of pride’ with the history of the Victory of Adwa – የዐድዋ ድል. 😉

“man is precious; …precious to be man
man has died to save man, respecting man,

The calling of sacrifice of love and honor,
with honor, one dies for the other
my freedom today paid in much blood and bone.

Let Adwa speak, let my country speak,
….how I stand before today
– in pride and honor, in happiness and love”

~ the one and only, the renown Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu Shibabaw (Gigi) in grateful memory of the #VictoryOfAdwa

Tribute to our patriots!

እንኳን አደረሰን! የጀግኖች አባቶቻችን እና እናቶቻችን በረከት ይደርብን!

#Adwa120 #Ethiopia


Graphics: by Dawit Anagaw Ain’t it awesome?